Our Profile

The future of healthcare is outside the walls of traditional facilities. PortaClinic™ is designed to keep patients out of the hospital and other high-cost care settings without sacrificing access to high-value clinical data.”

JaviX is a health innovation company headquartered in New Delhi, India with branches all across the country – specializing in clinical examination platforms. JaviX provides remote diagnostics, patient monitoring, cloud EMR analysis, telemedicine connectivity, and on-demand scheduling through interoperable examination platforms serviced by an array of connected devices with built-in Artificial Intelligence (AI).

We are US-based entrepreneurs and young motivated individuals integrated into an enthusiastic team working towards building JaviX as a solution provider offering World Class Diagnostics.

Our Mission is to make every necessary diagnostic facility affordable and reachable to a common man at their doorstep. We at Javix, have started our journey in the Healthcare industry where we have credible knowledge backed with a lot of research that complements what we do.