Project Manager


A versatile professional with a Master’s in Commerce from HNB Garhwal University, UK. Complemented by an MA in English with a robust background in IT, NGO Operations, Teaching, Admin, and HR across multiple organizations, which brings a wealth of diverse expertise to the table. Her career highlights include spearheading impactful healthcare awareness campaigns in rural areas, demonstrating a commitment to improving healthcare accessibility. Proficient in vendor management, client relations, and government liaisoning. She successfully managed extensive healthcare screening initiatives in the cities and remote villages of India. Her multifaceted skill set and experience underscore her ability to navigate complex projects, build strong relationships with stakeholders, and drive initiatives aimed at social impact and community welfare. As a domain expert in healthcare application testing, she has contributed significantly to the development and refinement of healthcare technologies and application. Her experience encompasses managing large-scale healthcare awareness campaigns in rural regions, emphasizing her dedication to improving healthcare accessibility and awareness.